Imagine kicking back beneath lush shade trees on a warm sunny day. The sound of the river rushes by in the the background and a cool breeze takes the edge off the summer heat. With a gentle sigh you can feel the stress fade as summer bliss carries you away. You look around taking in the stunning beauty of the river reminding you of the many adventures that await. Perhaps you will go rafting or tubing, or take a romantic walk along the riverbanks. Who knows, it could be the day you catch that ever illusive "big one" that will put all those fish tales to rest. Of course a day like this is perfect to take a family walk among the Giant Sequoias. The possibilities are limitless. That's just the type of summer get away we bring at KRS. With over 70 unbelievably beautiful sites to choose from, no matter where you stay you are only steps away from the legendary Kern River.

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River House AKA The Sequoia House

Comfortable AccomModations

It's time to get away from the mundane ruckus of everyday life. With a huge variety of sites to choose from, we offer top of the line accommodations providing you with the best the Kern River has to offer. We offer both river and creek sites, along with full hook up sites, and cabins. All sites come fully equipped with cable TV, fire pits, BBQs, large family sized picnic tables, and even WiFi! And of course they all offer easy access to the river and all of its splendor. Call us today and book the summer trip of a lifetime!



It's time to plan the vacation of the summer. The Kern River Valley offers a plethora of activities year around. During the spring and first weeks of summer the river is up and adrenaline junkies are wanted. Rafting features level 4's and 5's with several local rafting companies to choose from, it's time to get on the water. Wait a few more weeks and the river is perfect for tubing and swimming. Rafting not your thing? Well, the Valley also features hundreds of hiking and biking trails, and for those bird lovers out there, the Valley is home to one of the last surviving Riparian Rain Forests in California, home to thousands of migratory birds. And of course fish are stocked regularly which means more catching and less napping. Check out these and all the other amazing activities the valley has to offer.

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